Modern Tropical House Design Natural Environment

In Spanish, an amazing house had been already finished by CHK Arquitctura namely MZ House is ready to be used. The house is located in Valle de Bravo Lake in Spanish perched on a mountain and surrounded by thick forest. The house is the combination between subtle rustic design with elegance. It is good for you to read the article below.

Modern Tropical House Design Natural Environment

Surely this house has good air circulation because it’s surrounded by thick trees. The fresh air come in the inside make your health cared. Some plants are intentionally keep grow inside the house because it gives more air quality and add the natural sense. This MZ House design uses the eco-friendly materials like wood and natural stone in its design. An infinity pool and wooden deck makes the exterior more beauty. In the deck lies sofa lounge with parasol. It is the best place to enjoy beautiful scenery and fresh air while you take swim. Bushes which surrounded the pool make natural sense are become perfect.

Modern Tropical House Interior Design

Although located in a detached place and has natural architecture, this house also has an elegant design. It appears in the interior design. For example in the living room, there is soft sofa, coffee table, modern fireplace and any other furniture. The living room has glass window so you can relax while enjoying the natural view outside. In the cold night you could kindle the fireplace to warm the living room and your body. Taking some steps into the bedroom, you will find a modern white bed with closet. Most of the bedroom interior was using wood material such as wooden floor, ceiling and blind. Besides that, a glass wall is also applied with the purpose to make outdoor sense come into indoor room.

The elegant design is should be applied in the contemporary house. This house evidences this fact. Rustic natural exterior architecture has the amazing design interior. Actually the combination between two or more design in a house is become the characteristic one. Especially its natural and elegant combination, this MZ House review offers into you to think again about the traditional and natural house.

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